Better Healthcare for Wales

Matt supports Welsh Conservative plans to improve NHS services across Wales to:


  • Increase NHS expenditure in real terms, each and every year over the next five years, tackling the effects of Labour’s funding cuts, ensuring our health service gets the investment it needs;


  • Tackle waste and inefficiency with a Wales-wide NHS Efficiency Task Force, so that more money can be invested into front- line services;


  • Increase the number of doctor and nurse training places in Wales, to improve the capacity of the NHS where it is needed;


  • Increase the number of specialist nurses, nurse prescribers and nurse consultants in the Welsh NHS;


  • Increase spending on mental health services in Wales with a better balance between services for children and adults;


  • Support innovation in healthcare by providing £50 million in match funding for research into new treatments and cures;


  • Establish a Community Hospital Development Fund to encourage the innovative use of community hospitals across Wales.