Dinas Powys by-pass

Residents and local businesses have been calling for a Dinas Powys by-pass because road congestion in the village causes tailbacks, resulting in longer journey times and more noise and air pollution.

A Dinas Powys by-pass would allow road traffic to flow more freely and avoid the village, reducing congestion and improving journey times. The accompanying reduction in noise and air pollution would improve residents’ quality of life.

Despite initial talk of a by-pass in the 1960s, the Labour-led Vale Council refuse to build the Dinas Powys by-pass.

Instead the Council want to spend £50m on a link road in the north of the Vale, straight through Pendoylan – blighting the village and angering residents.

Matt Smith said: “I will push hard for the Council to focus on this vital by-pass, rather than burning through taxpayers’ money on their link road vanity project.”