A Fair Deal for Taxpayers and Public Service Users

Local residents up and down Cardiff West are concerned by the poor state of roads, schools in need of basic maintenance, litter-strewn roads and cuts in services for vulnerable people.

The Labour Party controls the Welsh Assembly and Cardiff Council. Cardiff Council is placed in a poor financial position by the Labour run Assembly. Despite being the capital city with all the attendant costs and being host on a daily basis to 80,000 commuters who come to Cardiff to work but pay no local council tax, Cardiff gets a very low revenue support grant from the Assembly; on a per head basis  we are 20th out of 22 Councils.

Even worse the Assembly takes £90 million each year from our receipts of business rates. Over the last 5 year period we lost about £400 million pounds. 

No other UK Council suffers in this way. With this additional and deserved income, Cardiff could deliver many of the services demanded by residents.

This is the cost to Cardiff citizens of being ruled by complacent Cardiff Labour. 

Matt Smith will fight for a fair deal on local tax revenues for residents and taxpayers in Cardiff.