Matt Smith Demands for a St Athan railway

Matt Smith, Welsh Conservative candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan in the Senedd says “The Western Vale can’t be left behind” as he supports more frequent rail services and a new railway station.

Matt wants to see a new railway station built in St Athan.

Presently, trains only run once an hour either way west of Barry, and there’s no stop for St Athan – despite having a population similar to Rhoose, which does have a station.

Many residents in and around Rhoose, St Athan and Llantwit Major feel ill served by the Vale Council with insufficient bus services and poor road surfaces.

Matt said: “As part of my transport plan for the Vale, I will work with our MP, Alun Cairns, to put pressure on the Welsh Government so that it co-operates with the Department for Transport to build a new rail station for St Athan as well as improve the number of trains beyond Barry to Bridgend”.



Support a St Athan Railway Station and better rail services in the Vale

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