Petition: Oppose Labour's plans to establish another supermarket on the Cowbridge Cattle Market site

The Labour run Vale of Glamorgan is trying to establish another supermarket on the Cowbridge Cattle Market site. The strength of opposition from the community is unprecedented. Local residents have not been consulted on the matter. 

For many years local residents have been calling to see improvements to site. Requests have been made for community facilities and a car park. These improvements would create a positive environment to encourage visitors to Cowbridge while also supporting our local high street.

Cowbridge is the premier market town for South Wales. We need enhancements that enable the town to complete with others further afield. The Cattle Market site is an ideal opportunity to develop Cowbridge in the most sympathetic way for those working and living locally. 

Join our campaign and support the many local residents and businesses that oppose the supermarket on the site.

Sign our petition below.

Petition: Oppose Labour's plans for another supermarket on Cowbridge Cattle Market Site.

I'm opposed to another supermarket on the Cowbridge Cattle Market Site. The site should be developed to sympathetic way which compliments the town for those who live and work locally.
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