Strong and Stable Leadership in the National Interest

We need this election now to secure the strong and stable leadership that the United Kingdom needs to see us through Brexit and beyond; to lock in the economic progress we have made together.


Our Labour, Lib Dem and SNP opponents are already seeking to disrupt our Brexit negotiations. This is in addition to the 27 European countries lining up to oppose us.


Their position can only mean one thing – uncertainty for the British people; bringing grave risk to our growing economy with higher taxes, fewer jobs, more waste and more debt.


Your vote counts. It will count to strengthen Theresa May’s and the UK’s negotiating position on Brexit. Your vote helps her secure the best deal to strengthen our economy, and helps us get on with the job of making life in the United Kingdom even better.


So the choice on 8th June is clear. It is a choice between Theresa May’s Conservative Team providing strong and stable leadership for the United Kingdom, or a coalition of chaos and instability led by a floundering, weak and nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn, that will put our nation’s future at risk.