Matt Smith's ethos

Matt Smith is a Welsh Conservative campaigner and a passionate Unionist who believes Wales' strength is greatest in a successful and harmonious United Kingdom. He will fight to preserve the integrity of the territorial constitution of Britain. 

He is a conviction Conservative who believes in extending the sovereignty of the British people. As a former Vote Leave policy analyst he wants Wales' historic Brexit vote implemented in full so we can seize the valleys of opportunity that flow from a fully sovereign UK trade policy and industrial policy. 

He is campaigning to close the gap that has opened between the incompetent Welsh Labour elites inside the Cardiff Bay bubble and the people of Wales, so that public policy emerges out of the People's Priorities. 

Matt is a One Nation Conservative who believes in an opportunity society where playing by the rules, hard work and perseverance are rewarded.

The Conservative and Unionist Party is a great civic institution that is at its best when it is part of the community. Community conservatism - innovative social action projects, working with grass roots charities and pub campaigns - show we are part of the communities we represent. 

Matt has written about Welsh politics for The Telegraph, Conhome, BrexitCentral, CapX, Institute of Welsh Affairs and Gwydir:


Matt Smith on The Telegraph

Wales' hard Covid border shows Labour's contempt for people

For how long must the people of Wales endure Labour's clowns in charge? 

Mark Drakeford's Covid response has turned Wales into a beacon of despair

As Boris opens the economy, Welsh and Scottish leaders seem determined to keep theirs shut 


Matt Smith on Conhome

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Matt Smith on CapX

After decades of failure, the tide is coming in on Welsh Labour

Wales' covid crisis shows we need a One Nation health service

Devolution is dragging the UK's economic recovery down 

The hypocrisy of 'democrats' like Sturgeon imperils the UK economy 


Matt Smith on BrexitCentral 

The Welsh Tories provide a positive alternative to Labour's anti-Brexit politicking in Cardiff Bay 

The Brexitlands of Wales have shown complacent Welsh Labour that they have somewhere else to go

Welsh Labour are more out of touch with voters on Brexit than ever 

Bad news for Scottish and Welsh nationalists, Brexit strengthens the Union of the United Kingdom

The europhile Cardiff Bay Cartel is still stuck in its Brexit doom loop 

Welsh Labour remain hopelessly out of touch with their heartlands voters on Brexit 

The Welsh political elite are still holding the Brexit backing population in contempt 

Labour has forgotten its eurosceptic heritage and left the working class behind 

Plaid Cymru's new leader is delusional if he thinks pro-EU separatism resonates with Welsh voters

Financial sleaze and abuse of taxpayers' cash in Brussels is a reminder why we voted leave

Labour's flirtation with a second referendum will leave millions of its leave backing voters behind 

Brexit denial in Cardiff Bay reduces Wales' soft power 

It is high time the Welsh governing class got behind Brexit 

Brexit is a golden economic opportunity for Wales

Wales can look forward to stronger and deeper post-Brexittrade links with the USA


Global Vision UK

Labour’s ‘new left radicalism’ is leaving the Welsh people cold

Global Britain is a beacon opportunity for the Welsh economy


Institute of Welsh Affairs

Out of Touch Welsh Labour Should Fear Revitalised Tories



The heckler's veto: Emboldening academics and students against the tenured left