Affordable Housing Down Under Welsh Labour

Official statistics reveal that affordable housing provision in Wales is at its second lowest rate in the last five years, having fallen 9% on the 2016/17 figure.

In 2017/18, local authorities reported 2,316 additional affordable housing units had been delivered across Wales compared to 2,547 the previous year.* It is the lowest annual figure in the last five years, bar one (2014/15). 

Meanwhile, the number of affordable housing units delivered with capital grant funding decreased by 31% during 2017/18 to 1,243 units.

Despite Welsh Labour Government rhetoric on building more affordable housing, only 531 affordable housing units were delivered on land made available by the public sector, a drop of 23% on 2016/17.

The least amount of affordable housing units were in Blaenau Gwent where none were built, while only 15 were built in Ceredigion and 21 in Wrexham.

Welsh Conservative and Shadow Housing Secretary David Melding AM said:

“It's becoming a common theme for me that I come to expect these disappointing house building statistics in Wales, so whatever the Welsh Government is currently doing or claiming to be doing, it's clearly not working. We must have a change of strategy.

"What we need is a new cross party approach to Wales' housing issues so that the Welsh Government, local authorities, housing associations and private developers can all start to build at greater scale for a wider range of ownership and tenant models. This is the only way that we can ensure the provision of housing for all.

"These statistics reinforce the importance of the Affordable Housing Review and puts greater weight on its expected outcomes".