Cardiff Labour administration sustains first defeat over its Corporate Plan

The March Council saw the first defeat for Labour. They had brought forward their corporate plan, the second most important aspect (after the budget), to the chamber. However the opposition united over an amendment to defer the corporate plan until the Cabinet could bring forward a new plan addressing significant health inequalities and differences in life expectancy which exist between Cardiff’s communities. The vote was close; just one vote in it, with one Labour Cllr even admitting they had voted the wrong way.

Following the passing of this amendment (which became the main proposal), Labour was forced to vote down their own Corporate Plan.

As a result, the Council does not currently have a corporate plan and will have to come back to the Council with a better thought out alternative.

Whilst Labour has a majority on the Council it is only a two-vote majority and their grip on Cardiff Council is fragile.

As the main opposition group Cardiff Conservatives will continue holding the Labour administration to account.