Labour-controlled Cardiff City Council slammed for "stunning failure to safeguard hardworking taxpayers money"

Walesonline reported that the City's Council spent £1.1 million on a newly tarmac-ed plot in Cardiff Bay that has only been used twice since its commission. 

The area of old dockland that sits next to the public green open space and playground areas on the tip of the Cardiff Bay barrage was tarmac-ed at huge expense  in May 2018.

South Wales Central AM Andrew RT Davies said the project was a "stunning failure to safeguard hardworking taxpayers money".

He went on to say: 

"We all want to see major events in Wales’s capital city, and the Volvo Yacht Race Village was a fine example of putting Cardiff on the international stage. 

“However, this appears to have developed into a rather sorry tale where the Labour-run Cardiff council enthusiastically ploughed an astronomical amount of money into this site, only seemingly to lose interest soon afterwards. 

“Consequently, the taxpaying public now has little if anything tangible to show for the council’s investment of its money, except for one flashy event in 2018. 

“This is a stunning failure to safeguard hardworking taxpayers money and people will be rightly wondering who is accountable for this debacle, particularly when they are having to fork out for higher council tax bills from next month.”