Matt Smith: Cardiff Labour has left Cardiff West with crumbling roads

Residents across Cardiff West complain about Cardiff Council's crumbling road surfaces. Poor road surfaces are a risk to public safety and cause vehicle damage to motorists and small businesses. If I am elected on the 8 June, I will fight for better road surfaces in Cardiff West for the benefit of local residents and motorists.

The Labour Party controls the Welsh Assembly and Cardiff Council. Here in Cardiff our support grant from the Assembly is 20th out of 22 Councils.

Even worse, the Assembly takes £90 million each year from our receipts of business rates. Over the last 5 year period we lost about £400 million pounds. 

No other UK Council suffers in this way. With this additional and deserved income, Cardiff could deliver many of the services demanded by residents.

This is the cost to Cardiff citizens of being ruled by complacent Cardiff Labour

If elected on on Thursday 8th June, I will fight for a fair deal on local tax revenues for residents and taxpayers in Cardiff West.