Shadow Minister’s serious concerns with rise in care home deaths

Commenting on the latest statistics for deaths in adult care homes, Shadow Minister for Older People and Social Care, Janet Finch-Saunders MS, said:

“Whilst I welcome the decrease in COVID-19 deaths, I remain seriously concerned as to why there has been an increase in deaths in adult care home residents since March 1.

“The deaths, which were of all causes, have worryingly increased by 122 from last week, up from 113 the week before, and 98 the week before that.

“If the impact of COVID-19 appears to be reducing why are deaths rising in care homes? Could it be that a consequence of residents not being tested on a weekly basis is that Coronavirus as a contributory factor is being missed?

“Serious questions remain, and I urge the Welsh Government to answer them for our care home residents and their families.”

Matt Smith is a Conservative who stood for Parliament and the National Assembly for Wales. He was a policy analyst at Vote Leave. He has written about Welsh politics for The Daily TelegraphConhomeBrexitCentralCAPXGlobalVisionUKIWA and here.