Welsh Government u-turn welcomed but time and money wasted

Welsh Conservative Shadow Health Minister, Angela Burns MS, has welcomed another Welsh Government u-turn in as many days.

After initially dismissing the UK Government’s portal to enable key workers to book tests, the Welsh Government has finally reversed their decision and will be allowing the use of the portal in Wales.

The UK and Welsh Governments are now working together to finalise details before the portal will be up and running in Wales.

Commenting, Angela Burns MS, said:

“This is great news for key workers in Wales as they will finally be treated the same as the rest of the frontline against the Covid-19 fight. It is however a massive shame on the Welsh Government for the time and money wasted when they should have joined up with the UK Government on this right away. For weeks testing in Wales has stagnated and the people that we owe our lives to are being let down.

“The Welsh Government claim they want a four nation approach to defeat Covid but at each and every opportunity given to them they have to delay, waste time and money and then eventually decide that it is in the best interests of the people of Wales. They urgently need to come to that realisation quicker and stop playing party politics with people’s lives.”

Matt Smith has stood as a Welsh Conservative candidate for Parliament and the National Assembly for Wales. He writes for ConservativeHomeBrexitCentral, CapX and Global Vision UK. You can read more about Welsh politics at www.mattsmith.org.uk/news